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Genesis Corporation of America, inc. located in Miami, Florida, USA, is a wholesaler company of Imaging Products like ribbons for all types of printers including dot matrix printers, ATM, cash registers, calculators, typewriters, thermal transfer films, as well as inkjet and laser toner cartridges. Genesis Corp. is also a wholesaler of Digital Printing Products, like vinyl, Canvas, Mesh, and PVC boards for the sign and banner industry.

During this time all of our products has been internationally recognized for being a reliable product, manufactured with the best raw material in the market and at a very competitive price. All these, added to the personalized service that we give to our customers has made our company the favorite place for the purchase of imaging products from our customers.

Our company, due that is located in Miami (Capital of the Americas) offers the best choice for our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. From Miami, every day leaves dozens of commercial flights and vessels for Latin American ports. Miami also has a vast amount of Freight Forwarders that eases the handling and documentation of export shipments that could consist from a simple carton to container load. This makes Miami a strategic place for customers overseas.